As a technology company that provides 3D printing services and products to consumers worldwide, CD BioSciences offers many types of high-tech 3D printing materials, including metal materials, plastic materials, ceramics and wood, to meet the different performance requirements of parts.


3D printing with wood is an emerging technology, which can not only make waste wood into various wood products, but also can be used to make wooden products with complex shapes and structures, bringing more creative freedom. The products can imitate various types of wood and wood grain, such as oak, teak, and walnut, and can produce unique granular materials. With wood 3D printing technology and the corresponding materials, part waste can be reduced, mass production can be automated, and efficiency can be improved. Wood 3D printing can transform discarded wood into delicate, useful objects, and materials can ultimately be used to produce buildings, furniture, artworks and consumer goods. In addition, the products can be turned into raw materials, starting a new production cycle, so it also has the advantages of environmental protection and sustainability.

CD BioSciences offers high-quality wood materials for you, and if they do not meet your needs, please contact us to customize wood materials for your specific situation.

Our Selection of wood

For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.