Aluminum Alloy

Introduction of Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum is one kind lightweight metal with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum is always alloyed by adding other metals to improve comprehensive properties. With the rapid development of 3D printing technology, it is also used in the research and application of aluminum alloy molding. Fig. 1 shows the prepared sample and lattice cell cell of aluminum-silicon alloy 3D printing.

The prepared sample and a lattice unit cell of 3D printing with aluminum silicon alloy.Fig. 1. The prepared sample and a lattice unit cell of 3D printing with aluminum silicon alloy. (Chen Y.; et al. 2021)


CD BioSciences is a high-tech company providing 3D printing services and products, dedicated to helping customers in a variety of industries with 3D printed parts and product design and production. CD BioSciences offers a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective metal 3D printing materials, including aluminum alloy materials.

Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of high specific strength, excellent mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance, wide source and low cost. These properties make aluminum alloy an ideal choice for many industries, especially parts or products that require specific strength and density properties. However, traditional aluminum alloy processing methods, such as casting, have high production costs, require the use of lots energy, and the production speed of parts is slow, especially for complex structures with internal channels. The use of aluminum alloy combined with 3D printing technology can solve the problems of traditional casting methods, and the quality of products will not deteriorate in all aspects.

Aluminum alloy materials offered by CD BioSciences have been verified and tested to be the best combination of quality parameters. The high-quality materials of CD BioSciences ensure the performance of production parts, and it can be used in a variety of metal 3D printers.

Our aluminum alloy materials are optimized to meet the specific needs of different industries.

  • Morphology
  • Flow characteristics
  • Density
  • Oxygen content

Applications of Our Aluminum Alloy

  • Automotive industries (racing)
  • Aerospace industries
  • Rail transit industries
  • Construction industries

Advantages of Our Aluminum Alloy

CD BioSciences offers a variety of aluminum alloys for consumers to choose from, and in general, the advantages of using our aluminum alloys for 3D printing are as follows:

  • High specific strength.
  • Strong corrosion resistance.
  • Quickly fabricate complex structures.
  • Multi-parts integrated into one piece.
  • No mold is needed.
  • Save cost and time.

Because aluminum alloy is perfectly balanced in light weight and strength properties, excellent mechanical properties, and lower cost than titanium, the 3D printing industry has an increasing demand for aluminum powder. CD BioSciences provides a wide range of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, and the parameters meet industry standards. If you have any requirements about our aluminum alloy materials, please contact us.


  1. Chen Y.; et al. (2021) Tomography of 3D-Printed Lattice Structured Aluminum-Silicon Alloy and Its Deformation. 3D Print Addit Manuf. 1;8(1):42-50.
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