Various crosslinking methods that have been used for 3D bioprinting of hydrogels

Fig.1 Various crosslinking methods that have been used for 3D bioprinting of hydrogels. (Amin, G, et al., 2020 )

Bioinks Customization Services

CD BioSciences insists on providing you with specific bioinks customization

In addition to regular bioinks products, CD BioSciences also offers professional bioinks customisation services based on the team of experienced experts and the high-resolution 3Dmicroflu™ 3D bioprinting technology platform. Our customisation service types are divided on the basis of the cross-linking method of the bioinks. You can make bioinks selections according to your experimental project and bio-3D printing needs. As you can see in the left picture, there are many design ideas of crosslinking methods at CD BioSciences for you to choose from, including ionic cross-linking, hydrogen bonding cross-linking, host-guest interaction cross-linking, photocrosslinking, thermal cross-linking, enzymatic reaction cross-linking, etc.

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Customisation services are based on the following aspects

  • Cross-linking method selection
  • Crosslinker option
  • Concentration ratio determination
  • Intensity of external conditions (light, temperature, etc.)
  • Cross-linking method selection
  • Mechanical strength adjustment
  • Consideration of cell viability

CD BioSciences' professional bioinks customization service is facilitating and powering your 3D printing projects.

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  1. Amin, G.; et al. Crosslinking strategies for 3D bioprinting of polymeric hydrogels. Small. 2020, 16(35): 2002931-2002961.
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