Models and Props

Overview of models and props

A model is a scaled-down object, while a prop is an object used in artistic performances such as film, television, and drama. Models and props are often used to demonstrate the properties of real things, or to achieve a specific purpose.

Compared with the time-consuming and expensive traditional model and prop production process, 3D printing has obvious advantages in production speed and manufacturing cost. Therefore, 3D printing has a wide range of applications in the production of models and props.


As a global supplier of 3D printing solutions, CD BioSciences is dedicated to providing cost-effective, high-quality 3D printing services, such as materials and technical assistance. CD BioSciences serves customers from different industries and scales, helping them create high-resolution models and props that keep them ahead of the competition.

3D printing can quickly produce a variety of models and props with complex shapes and high precision, and can constantly adjust and improve the design in the production process, improving the flexibility of production. At the same time, CD BioSciences also offers a variety of 3D printing materials that can meet the different needs of models and props, thus providing more possibilities for production in various industries.

Models and props printed with 3D printing are not only precise in details, but also smooth in surface and high in resolution. 3D printing can save time and cost while ensuring product quality. Industries around the world have begun to create professional models with 3D printing.


  • Medical industry

3D printing can manufacture high-precision dental models and anatomical models, etc., to help doctors communicate with patients, accurately judge the condition and plan surgical procedures. In addition, the use of 3D printing for surgical simulation and preparation can also save a lot of cost and time.

  • Film industry

3D printing can be used to make props and special effects models in movies, which can help designers make complex models faster, and modify and optimize them when needed.

  • Game development

Game developers can use 3D printing to make game props and character models that can better present the virtual world in the game, and be used as a peripheral product for players to collect.

  • Architecture and urban planning

Architects and urban planners can use 3D printing to make models of buildings and landscapes. These models can be used to display the concept of design, perform actual measurements and adjustments, and help customers understand the project better.

  • Education and academic research

Educational and research institutions can use 3D printing to make teaching models and experimental equipment. Students and researchers can learn and research better through touch and actual operations.

  • Creative arts

Artists can use 3D printing to create sculptures and personal artworks. 3D printing can help them achieve more complex forms and structures, while also allowing for creative experimentation during art production.


Advantages of 3D printing for models and props

With internal 3D printing, you can completely control the entire process from beginning to end and easily adjust the design. Reality models and props can help you communicate better with customers and make your digital design a reality.

  • Fast production
  • Low cost
  • High design flexibility
  • Lifelike products

3D printing is already widely used to make models and props, and there will be even broader prospects in this field. Our 3D printing service will bring great innovation and efficiency to your models and props production.

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