Cobalt-Chrome Alloy

Introduction of Cobalt-Chrome Alloy

Cobalt-chrome alloy refers to an alloy composed of chrome, cobalt, and other metals (such as molybdenum, nickel), with a small proportion and a high melting point, which was originally developed for jet engines. It is widely used to make human joints and dental repair bodies. At present, 3D printing technology combining cobalt-chrome alloy materials has been used in the oral field. Fig. 1 is an arm clasp of a metal removable partial denture with 3D printing cobalt-chromium processing technique.

An arm clasp of metal removable partial denture with 3D printing processing technique.Fig. 1. An arm clasp of metal removable partial denture with 3D printing processing technique. (Yin X.; et al. 2021)


CD BioSciences is a technology company that provides a broad range of high-quality material portfolio designed for 3D printing. CD BioSciences provides a variety of metal materials, including cobalt-chrome alloys, so that your specific applications can obtain the required parts through 3D printing.

Cobalt-chrome alloy has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and non-magnetic performance. Its corrosion resistance is better than stainless steel, and the crystal structure is fine and uniform, so it is commonly used for complex and harsh applications. The extensive 3D printing cobalt-chrome alloy materials provided by CD BioSciences adapt to various print systems and technologies.

The materials have excellent characteristics such as outstanding liquidity and strict chemical component control. These reliable and verified parameters can ensure that high-quality materials can be provided repeatedly for your production. CD BioSciences is willing to support you find the right material.

  • Impurities content
  • Flowability
  • Density
  • Sphericity
  • Strength

Applications of Our Cobalt-Chrome Alloy

  • Medical industries

Thanks to its biocompatibility, 3D printing of cobalt-chrome alloy is used widely in human joints and dentistry. Especially in dentistry, 3D printing cobalt-chrome alloy can be made into implants, crowns, brackets, etc. Not only does it save time, but also the accuracy, density, and aesthetics are better than traditional methods.

  • Aerospace industries

The mechanical properties of parts printed with cobalt-chrome alloy are excellent, and suitable for high temperature conditions.

  • Consumer industries: jewelry, etc.

Advantages of Our Cobalt-Chrome Alloy

The parts or products using 3D printing with CD BioSciences' cobalt-chrome alloy usually have the following advantages:

  • Excellent mechanical performance.
  • Customized and accurate sizes.
  • Biocompatibility, without harmful nickel and beryllium elements.
  • Significantly shorten the processing time.

CD BioSciences provides a wide range of 3D printing metal materials, including various cobalt-chrome alloy. Our cobalt-chrome alloy materials performance are excellent, parameters meet industry standards, and can be applied to different fields. The parts produced with our cobalt-chrome alloy are high in strength, high temperature resistance, biocompatibility and chemical stability. If you have any requirements about our cobalt-chrome alloy materials, please contact us.


  1. Yin X.; et al. (2021) Effects of 3 kinds of processing techniques on the fitness of metal clasp. Zhong Nan Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban. 46(10):1122-1128.
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