Introduction of PEEK

PEEK (Poly ether ether ketone) is a common semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Thanks to its outstanding mechanical characteristics and biocompatibility, PEEK material is widely used in traditional manufacturing. In recent years, the use of PEEK materials in 3D printing has gained a lot of attention. As shown in Fig. 1, scaphoid prosthesis were 3D printed by FFF technology with PEEK material.

3D printed scaphoid prosthesis made of industrial-grade (light-colored) and medical-grade (dark-colored) PEEK. Fig. 1. 3D printed scaphoid prosthesis made of industrial-grade (light-colored) and medical-grade (dark-colored) PEEK. (Honigmann P.; et al., 2021)


As a technology company providing 3D printing services, CD BioSciences has excellent material expertise and comprehensive 3D printing materials, including PEEK material. Due to its excellent properties, PEEK material is the most popular material in the PAEK (Polyaryl ether ketone) family, especially in the production of functional prototypes and parts.

The resistance to extreme temperatures and wear resistance, excellent weight/strength ratio performance of PEEK make it possible to replace some metals, and maintain its excellent material properties under high temperature and corrosive environments for a long time. In addition, PEEK has excellent biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and disinfection, and has received much attention in the medical field. Compared with metal materials, PEEK has an elastic modulus closer to human bone, and the implant can be customized according to the patient's situation with a high degree of accuracy, which can greatly reduce the problems that may be caused by the large gap between metal materials and human bone. Therefore, PEEK can be used as a good implant material.

The excellent performance PEEK 3D printing material provided by CD BioSciences has excellent layer adhesion, and the parameters are certified by the standard, suitable for printing technologies such as FFF and SLS.

  • Melting point
  • Tensile Yield Strength
  • Flexural Modulus
  • Compressive Strength
  • Heat distortion temperature

Applications of Our PEEK

Because of its excellent high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, biocompatibility and other excellent properties, PEEK material can be used in wide range of applications.

  • Automotive industries
  • Aerospace industries
  • Medical industries

Advantages of Our PEEK

The PEEK material provided by CD BioSciences has the following significant advantages.

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosion.
  • Light weight.
  • Small friction, suitable for narrow spaces.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Flame retardation.
  • Excellent biocompatibility.
  • Manufacture complex structures.

Due to its superior performance, PEEK material is highly respected in the manufacturing industry. CD BioSciences provides PEEK 3D printing material with excellent properties, which is ideal for the manufacturing of parts requiring strong wear and high temperature resistance, as well as the biomedical fields. If you have any requirements about our PEEK materials, please contact us.


  1. Honigmann P.; et al. (2021). In-Hospital 3D Printed Scaphoid Prosthesis Using Medical-Grade Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) Biomaterial. Biomed Res Int. 2021:1301028.
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