With the continued development of 3D printing, its application areas are also expanding. The medical industry has become a field at the forefront of 3D printing research. In the medical industry, 3D printing can give full play to its high efficiency, high precision and customization characteristics, and quickly manufacture medical devices, implants, preoperative models and other equipment.

With increasingly complex cases worldwide, personalized precision medicine is on the rise. Innovative tools and advanced technologies allow the healthcare industry to better serve each unique patient. The personalized manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing can be fully combined with the differences in patient needs.


CD BioSciences is a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions with an experienced team. In addition to printable stainless steel, cobalt alloy, titanium alloy and other materials suitable for the medical industry, we also provide one-stop 3D printing services including consultation and technical support. With our comprehensive 3D printing services, you'll have unprecedented design freedom.


Innovation is the key to maintaining core competitiveness in the medical industry, and the application of 3D printing drives innovation and breakthrough development in the medical industry. 3D printing is changing the face of the medical industry. It can be used not only to design and manufacture medical devices and customized prosthetics, but also to manufacture human organs and tissues to provide patients with new treatments. Through 3D printing, complex, high-precision, and biocompatible parts can be produced rapidly.

Benefits of 3D printing in the medical industry

  • Reduce the cost

The traditional manufacturing method has a low material utilization rate, a complicated processing process, a long production cycle and high costs. 3D printing can greatly reduce costs and save raw materials. With 3D printing, you can simplify your supply chain and reduce inventory costs.

  • Improve efficiency

3D printing simplifies the manufacturing process for medical devices, and does not require cumbersome assembly processes. Thus, the waiting time for patients can be shortened and the success rate of treatment can be improved.

  • Individuation

3D printing enhances and innovates traditional medical devices and treatment programs. 3D printing allows products to be customized to the specific situation of the patient, better adapting to each patient's unique needs.

  • Improve accuracy

For the medical industry, the precision of devices and prostheses is crucial, and digital 3D printing can produce more accurate and reliable products.

  • Superior biocompatibility

Nowadays, more and more materials can be used for 3D printing, including many materials with excellent biocompatibility. Thus, infection risks can be reduced and treatment success rates can be increased.

With the increasing demand for medical personalization, 3D printing can provide patients with customized and efficient medical solutions. More importantly, by printing transplantable human organs and tissues, 3D printing can help millions of patients waiting for organ transplants.

Superior biocompatibility

Our advantage

  • Wide range of materials

Quality and traceability of materials are paramount to the medical industry. We offer a standard proven material portfolio and can tailor materials to your needs. Our products have superior performance to satisfy medical industry requirements and strict regulatory requirements.

  • Professional

Our company focuses on advanced 3D printing services and is committed to helping the medical industry optimize and expand their business through 3D printing.

  • Timely

We have a strong service team around the world that can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently to provide you with customized solutions.

3D printing can provide patients with customized and efficient medical solutions to meet their individual needs. 3D printing has been widely used in the medical industry for equipment, implants, prostheses, and preoperative program preparation. There is reason to believe that with the further development of technology, the future applications of 3D printing in the medical industry will be further expanded. Our company has long worked closely with many medical industry manufacturers around the world and is committed to providing leading technology and expertise. If you are interested in our services, please contact us . All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

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