Drug Toxicology Study Based on 3Dmicroflu™

CD BioSciences is a cutting-edge biotechnology company committed to providing 3D bioprinted tissue and organ micro-models. With a team of experienced experts and a unique 3D printing technology platform called 3Dmicroflu™, we can provide you with relevant research services covering various life science fields. One of the very important applications of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform for printing tissue and organ micro-models is drug development, for which pharmacokinetic studies are a very important part. In the process of pharmacokinetic analysis, drug toxicology study is also an important aspect, which can provide effective help for rational drug use.

Overview of drug toxicology study

Drugs have two sides, on the one hand, they can cure diseases, but on the other hand, they are also toxic to the body. Most drugs have a certain degree of toxicity, especially when applied for a long time or in large quantities, which can easily cause toxic side effects in the human body. In addition, drug toxicity testing is also a very important screening basis in the drug development process. After administration, drug toxicity can involve all systems and almost all tissues and organs of the body.

Drug Toxicology Study Based on 3Dmicroflu™

In general, the causes of drug toxicity involve the following aspects.

  • Non-specific accumulation of drugs in the body
  • Binding of drugs to non-targeted targets in vivo
  • The patient's own physical condition such as underlying disease

In the process of drug development, toxicological studies are not only the main basis for potential drug screening, but also an important criterion for guiding rational drug use.

3Dmicroflu™ for drug toxicology study model construction

The process of drug in the body generally includes absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion. However, as the liver and kidney are the main organs for drug metabolism and excretion, drugs often accumulate excessively in the liver and kidney area, which eventually produce toxic side effects of drugs. This is the main reason for drug toxicity. Therefore, the in vitro toxicological analysis of drugs generally focuses on drug hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity analysis according to the mechanism of action. Therefore, the main models used for drug toxicology analysis are hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity models. CD BioSciences can provide you with a high-resolution 3D printing technology platform called 3Dmicroflu™ for your high-quality in vitro toxicology model construction. As shown in the figure below, 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can provide high-resolution construction services for in vitro toxicology micro-models to achieve full simulation of physiological environmental characteristics.

The process of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform involved in drug toxicology study - CD BioSciences.Fig. 1. The process of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform involved in drug toxicology study.

The in vitro toxicology micro-models constructed based on 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform mainly focus on hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity models, which can provide the following toxicology analysis services for you to choose from.

  • Single dose toxicity study
  • Multiple dose toxicity study
  • Dose range exploration or maximum tolerated dose study

For these services, the following assays are performed.

  • Glutathione depletion assay
  • Cholestasis assay
  • Apoptosis assay
  • Phospholipid deposition assay
  • Reactive oxygen specimen assay
  • Liver / kidney fibrosis assay

You don't have to worry if you don't find the service you need for your project in the above. Based on the scalability and flexibility of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, exclusive custom modeling services are available. At the same time, experienced experts from CD BioSciences will also provide you with the best solution after communication with you.

If you are interested in 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform involved in drug toxicology study during drug development, please feel free to contact us for customization services. We always hope that our technology platform will be of great help and provide guidance to your R&D process. All services from CD BioSciences are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

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