3Dmicroflu™ for high-resolution 3D bioprinting of organ and disease micro-models

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CD BioSciences has a proprietary high-resolution 3D bioprinting technology platform called 3Dmicroflu™, which has a wide range of applications in basic research, disease mechanism research, drug development, and cosmetic quality analysis. 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can mainly provide high-resolution 3D bioprinting, such as the printing of micro-organs, micro-tissues, and micro-disease models. Based on the flexibility and expandability of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, it allows various designs and customizations to facilitate meeting your various project needs. In addition, experts from CD BioSciences are specialized in 3D bioprinting and can assist you with detailed consultation and advice on your 3D printing efforts. Our technology platform is well suited for the construction of complex and detailed micro-models that can achieve a realistic representation of features in the in vivo physiological environment. Based on this, our technology platform can provide these applications as follows.

3Dmicroflu™ Technology platform for a wide range of applications in the biomedical field you can choose from

Basic Physiological Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™

CD BioSciences launches the high-resolution 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, providing high-quality 3D organ tissue micro-model printing closer to the real physiological environment for experimental use, which can be applied to the following basic physiological mechanism research processes, including tissue cell growth mechanism research, organ metabolism mechanism research and tissue response mechanism research.

The flexible and scalable 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform from CD BioSciences allows the application of in vitro construction of various disease models to assist you in the development of various experimental projects. You can perform a variety of designs and customizations. These in vitro micro-models, which truly reflect the physiological environment, can be used in the study of various disease mechanisms and in the development of related drugs.

Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™
Drug Development Based on 3Dmicroflu™

At CD BioSciences, we can offer you the service of building various types of 3D biological models based on our high-resolution 3D printing 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, including micro-organs, micro-tissues, micro-systems, various disease models, etc. The in vitro micro-models constructed by 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can be applied to drug mechanism of action studies and drug screening to facilitate the entire drug development process.

CD BioSciences' proprietary 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform enables in vitro studies related to organ repair mechanisms, mainly including skin repair, bone repair and organ transplant feasibility. The microfluidic system-based 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can perform high-resolution single-cell 3D printing, assisting in the design and customization of all the detail and complexity you need to advance the study of organ repair mechanisms.

Organ Repair Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™
Cosmetics Industry Quality Assessment Based on 3Dmicroflu™

In the cosmetic development process, various types of skin models constructed based on 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can be applied for cosmetic efficacy evaluation and safety testing. 3Dmicroflu™ allows for the design and customization of different skin types, as well as a high-throughput model construction process. Using 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform to assist you with skin model construction can cover as comprehensive a range of tests as possible.

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