Osteoarticular Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to promoting the high resolution 3Dmicroflu™ 3D bioprinting technology platform and high quality customised bioinks that can be applied to 3D printing organ and tissue micro-models. The construction of osteoarticular disease models based on the 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can be achieved in a precise and standardised process, allowing the accurate reproduction of bone tissues features in vitro. The 3D bioprinting experts from CD BioSciences are always looking forward to your inquiries and orders.

Bone tissue is a very important part of the human body, it not only undertakes all the mechanical actions of the person, but also protects the body's vital organs. Bone tissue is constantly being depleted and replenished as the body moves and calcium is ingested. There are three main types of diseases associated with bone tissue.

Osteoarticular Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu

(1) Osteoporosis is mainly due to severe loss and reduction of bone mass, resulting in the destruction of bone tissue microstructure and increased bone fragility, which ultimately makes the patient susceptible to fractures. The direct way to prevent osteoporosis is to take calcium supplements.

(2) Diseases of the joints, such as arthritis, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, spondylitis and lumbar disc herniation, are mostly the result of long-term incorrect physical behaviour. This eventually causes a gradual deterioration of the joint bearing tissue, which in turn causes pain and cartilage lesions within the joints.

(3) Bone marrow diseases include osteomyelitis, osteomas and various haematological diseases, which are caused by lesions of the bone marrow and haematopoietic stem cells for various reasons.

The construction of in vitro models of bone diseases is of great importance for the study of the mechanisms of these diseases and for drug screening.

3Dmicroflu™ in the process of research on osteoarticular disease mechanisms

Apart from osteoma, other bone diseases are often non-fatal but very disruptive to normal life activities. It is of great significance to construct in vitro models of bone diseases for the study of new therapeutic approaches related to bone diseases. CD BioSciences offers you a high-resolution 3D bioprinting technology platform called 3Dmicroflu™, which is applied to the construction of bone disease models for mechanism research and related drug development. 3Dmicroflu™ is a microfluidic system-based 3D printing technology platform that enables the in vitro construction of complex and detailed structures through high-resolution single-cell printing. The entire process of model construction is high-throughput and can greatly facilitate the research process of your experimental projects.

3Dmicroflu in the construction process of osteoarticular disease models - CD BioSciences.Fig. 1. 3Dmicroflu™ in the construction process of osteoarticular disease models.

Based on the above advantages, we can provide you with the following services mainly in the aspect of osteological diseases.

  • Customizing the suitable 3D printing bioinks to achieve complex and detailed in vitro micro-model construction

First, CD BioSciences can help you select and customize the right bioink for your experimental project, laying the foundation for the printing of the micro-model. After that, our experienced team of experts can provide you with the design and personalization of your bone disease model based on our technology platform. The flexibility of the technology platform enhances the customizability of the micro-models. In addition, high-resolution printing allows for the design of complex model structures.

  • Personalized drug development

The construction of personalized in vitro bone disease models make the design and screening of personalized drugs possible. This will be more in line with the requirements of precision therapy.

If you are interested in our high-resolution 3Dmicroflu™ 3D bioprinting technology platform, please contact us now for professional services. All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

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