Eyewear produced by traditional standardized and scale models is not enough to meet the unique needs of customers in terms of styling and fitting facial features. A common problem is the size of the frame not being correct and the feeling of discomfort after wearing lenses. Personalized custom eyewear is difficult to achieve due to its high cost.

With the promotion and development of 3D printing, it has been accepted and recognized by most industries. 3D printing has become an emerging production technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, including the eyewear industry.


CD BioSciences is a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions, with a professional technical team, providing one-stop services and a wide range of high-performance materials. CD BioSciences is committed to servicing the global eyewear industry with professional 3D printing services and materials that lead to reliable, repeatable and sustainable manufacturing.

As 3D printing develops, the materials, finishes, and effects available to the eyewear industry expand. Today's customers expect affordable personalization. 3D printed eyewear combines high precision, uniqueness and aesthetics. Our company's deep expertise in 3D printed eyewear can help you deliver the richest and truly unique experience for your customers.


Benefits of 3D printing

Through 3D printing tailored eyewear, customers can enjoy a comfortable wearing experience.

  • Improve business agility

With 3D printing, eyewear manufacturers can quickly and easily respond to customer needs. There is no need to rely on external warehouses and no minimum order size requirements, enhancing business agility and avoiding unpredictable supply risks.

  • Sustainable on-demand manufacturing

Anatomically accurate scans of the user's face can be made through 3D printing, making it possible to customize eyewear according to individual preferences.

  • Wide range of materials

The materials used in 3D printing are diverse, including metals, plastics, ceramics, polymer materials and composites. A wide range of materials with different properties and tactile sensations brings more choices and possibilities for eyewear users.

  • Improve design freedom

3D printing eliminates traditional manufacturing limitations in terms of shape and material, bringing unparalleled creativity and design freedom.

  • Pleased to the eye

The continuous development of 3D printing has led to an increasingly wide selection of materials for the eyewear industry. Customers can directly on the device side of the virtual try on, style, color for a comprehensive and intuitive display, so that the choice is simple and efficient.

  • Increase durability

Traditional eyewear production usually requires manual assembly of lenses and frames, which is prone to problems such as loosening and cracking. By using 3D printing to make eyewear, lenses and frames can be made in an integrated way, avoiding quality problems in the assembly process.

  • Reduce the cost

Using 3D printing, eyewear manufacturers can respond quickly to market changes, and iterate and innovate quickly. Moreover, the use of materials in the manufacturing process can be optimized, reducing waste and costs.

  • Visual quality

3D printing obtains accurate face holographic data through scanning, improving accuracy, so the eyewear is more suitable for the face and has an excellent correction function.

Process of 3D printing eyewear

  • Collect optometric data
  • Collect face data and facial features
  • Virtual trial of eyewear
  • Parameter design
  • 3D printing
  • Finished eyewear

Through 3D printing, the perfect combination of aesthetics, comfort and function of eyewear can be achieved. Whether for daily use, sports or smart eyewear, you can quickly make customized eyewear on demand nearby. With our expertise in the 3D printing and eyewear industry, we can meet your different eyewear design and manufacturing needs. Whether you need to manufacture personalized or limited eyewear or complete series, our company will be your professional, reliable and economically viable partner.

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