3Dmicroflu™ Platform

3D Bioprinting Based on 3Dmicroflu™ Platform Can Provide Ultra-high Resolution Printing

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CD BioSciences offers a high-precision 3Dmicrofluidic system-assisted 3D bioprinting technology that enables full-scale, vascularized, high-throughput, micron-scale, high-resolution printing. The ultra-high resolution of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform offers significant advantages when printing complex bioactive models, such as those of structurally complex tissues. Our 3Dmicrofluidic system-based ultra-high resolution 3Dmicroflu™ bio-3D printing platform is suitable for most 3D bioprinters and can be widely used for tissue model construction, drug testing, regenerative medicine and cosmetic development.


3Dmicroflu™ platform

Advantages of 3Dmicroflu™ Platform for 3D Bioprinting

01. High Resolution

High-resolution 3D printing at the μm scale

02. High Universality

Suitable for most 3D printers due to high flexibility

03. High Throughput

High-flux 3Dmicrofluidic system greatly improves 3D printing efficiency

04. Low Cost

3Dmicrofluidic printing technology extremely reduces unnecessary loss of consumables

3Dmicroflu™ Bioinks

Choose Suitable Bioinks for your 3D Bioprinting Project:

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3Dmicroflu™ Bioinks
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Let CD BioSciences Help You Formulate Your Own Custom Bioinks to Make Your 3D Bioprinted Models More in Line with Expectations.

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