Entertainment and Art

From a global perspective, 3D printing has gradually been widely used in various fields. The entertainment and art industries are no exception, as they are closely related to our lives. 3D printing has brought great change and creative vitality to the entertainment and art industries, because of its fast, accurate, and repeatable characteristics.

3D printing's ability to create complex geometries and internal passages allows designers to bring their creative ideas to life. Additionally, 3D printing allows for the replication of lost or damaged items, preserving art history and cultural significance.


As a trusted provider of 3D printing solutions, CD BioSciences understands the importance of 3D printing in the entertainment and art industries and is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions to clients worldwide. We offer a range of high-quality and cost-effective 3D printing services, including materials and technical support. Whether our clients are large-scale production houses or individual artists, we strive to ensure that they stay competitive in the dynamic market.

3D printing is a powerful assistant to upgrade the entertainment and art industries and achieve high-quality development. It revolutionizes the way products are created, making the process more diverse, accessible, and liberating. Our company's products and services support the global entertainment and arts industries by providing cutting-edge 3D printing services. With 3D printing, the future of entertainment and art is limitless.

Entertainment and Art

  • Save time and cost

Traditional model and prop production requires a lot of manpower and time, while 3D printing can complete complex designs and production in a short time, which greatly improves production efficiency.

  • High degree of customizability

The ability of 3D printing to translate ideas and concepts directly into real objects gives artists and designers the freedom to be creative, break the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods, and meet the needs of different users.

  • No limit to the scale of production

3D printing supports small-scale or large-scale production, quickly responds to the different needs of the market, and brings more business opportunities to the entertainment and art industries.

  • High design freedom

3D printing breaks the geometric limitations of traditional manufacturing, and designers do not need to consider its actual manufactureability. 3D printing broadens and frees the imagination of designers, enabling quick validation of designs.

  • Precise details

3D printing technology has made it possible to print models and props with not only precise details, but also smooth surfaces and high resolution.

  • Wide range of materials

3D printing is very flexible in material selection and can use materials with various properties, such as plastics, metals, ceramics, etc., to provide more possibilities for entertainment and artistic creation.

Typical application

  • Props

3D printing is widely used in film and television productions for special effects and props. Monsters, aliens, etc, and modified and optimized when needed.

  • Anime game

Through 3D printing to produce beautiful game character models, props and derivatives, so as to better present the virtual world in the game, to provide players with a more real and immersive game experience.

Anime game

  • Cultural relic

3D printing can be used to reproduce and protect cultural heritage, for the digital preservation and display of precious artworks and artifacts. By creating a true, accurate and complete digital file for it, the digital model can be reproduced as a real object anytime, anywhere and with a high degree of reproduction.

  • Sculpture

3D printing enables the creation of high-definition models with fine details, while sculptural models can be post-processed for a more realistic appearance and detail.

With the emergence and wide application of 3D printing, a large number of excellent designers can bring excellent design works accurately restored to the audience's line of sight. The application of 3D printing in the entertainment and art industries has brought many innovations and changes. Its high degree of customizability, flexible material selection, and fast and efficient production process make it an important technology for entertainment and art.

3D printing continues to evolve and innovate, bringing even more opportunities and possibilities to the entertainment and art industries. We will provide the leading 3D printing one-stop service for the entertainment and art industries at the most affordable price. If you are interested in our services, please contact us. All services are available on a 24/7/365 basis.

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