Who We Are

CD BioSciences is a New York-based biotechnology company focused on the development of a high-resolution 3D bioprinting technology platform. CD BioSciences has the most dedicated team of experts to provide the highest quality of service and consultation to its customers.

What We Do

CD BioSciences can provide high throughput and high resolution 3D bioprinting technology platform - 3Dmicroflu™, which is widely used in biological mechanism and disease model research. In addition, CD BioSciences has high quality bio-ink products and related customized services.

What We Stand For

CD BioSciences always insists on promoting the combination of microfluidics and 3D bioprinting technology, and is committed to the development of higher resolution and higher throughput technology platforms.

Our Values

The Reasons You Can Trust CD BioSciences

No.1 High resolution 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform

3Dmicroflu™ technology platform has clear and superior advantages over other traditional 3D bioprinting.

No.2 High quality services and products

CD BioSciences insists on providing the best service and products to our customers, so you don't have to worry about that.

No.3 Customer Priority

CD BioSciences put customers' needs first and always think from their point of view. You'll feel right at home here.

No.4 Environmental Awareness

The combination of microfluidic systems and 3D bioprinting not only improves resolution, but also maximizes savings on ink and various reagents.

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