Immune System Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to promoting the high resolution 3Dmicroflu™ 3D bioprinting technology platform and high quality customised bioinks that can be applied to 3D printing organ and tissue micro-models. The 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform offers you 3D printing of in vitro models of autoimmune disease systems, advancing the study of autoimmune disease mechanisms. The printing process is high-resolution and highly accurate, and the constructed 3D models reproduce a variety of features in vivo.

The immune system reacts to the components of the body, causing damage and resulting in a disease called an immune system disorder. Immune system disorders can be caused by a number of factors, including genetic factors, underdevelopment of the autoimmune system and external factors, which often cause the body's innate immune system to be underdeveloped or lead to damage to the immune system, resulting in immune system disorders. Immune system disorders can have many adverse effects on the body, such as low immunity, generalised pain, bacterial infections and nerve damage. Common autoimmune diseases include systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, juvenile diabetes, autoimmune haemolytic anaemia, ulcerative colitis and many skin conditions.

Immune System Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu

These immune system disorders are often different in nature for different individuals, so the construction of personalised in vitro models is also an important part of the mechanistic research. However, CD BioSciences offers a technology platform that can allow for personalised 3D printing.

3Dmicroflu™ in the process of research on immune system disease mechanisms

Immune system diseases can be characterised by individual differences, so it is necessary to personalise the models used for in vitro studies. Personalised disease models can help researchers to develop more targeted drug personalisation services. Here, CD BioSciences has 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform which allows for the printing of high resolution and structurally complex in vitro models of immune system diseases. The use of patient cells to print personalised in vitro micro-models through 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform enables the screening of personalised drugs and is consistent with precision therapy. The diagram below illustrates the involvement of 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform in the construction of organ micro-models related to immune system diseases.

3Dmicroflu in the construction of immune system disease models - CD BioSciences.Fig. 1. 3Dmicroflu™ in the construction of immune system disease models.

Compared to other 3D printing methods, 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform has some advantages as follows.

  • Our proprietary 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform enables high-resolution single-cell printing, particularly facilitating the in vitro construction of complex physiological structures. The immune system disease micro-models constructed using 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform are able to reproduce as closely as possible the characteristics of the physiological environment. Our technology platform always ensures accuracy and realism.
  • The automated 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform will reduce the need for human intervention to avoid differences in print structures from batch to batch. Reproducibility of disease model construction advances the screening process for drugs related to immune system diseases and reduces unnecessary time wastage.

In addition to the high-resolution 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, our experts offer you an exclusive 3D printing bio-ink customisation service. Our experts have extensive experience in the field of 3D bioprinting and can offer you a wide range of solutions for your experimental projects. The one-stop-shop from CD BioSciences can greatly facilitate the research process of your experimental projects on immune system diseases.

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