Introduction of PC

The polycarbonate (PC) structure contains polycarbonate structures made from bisphenol A. PC materials are real thermoplastic materials that possess excellent properties. PC materials are one of the strongest and most durable 3D printing materials currently on the market, and have a wide range of applications. As shown in Fig. 1, a 3D printing ice/snow scraper in use. and the blade was printed with recycled PC.

A 3D printing ice/snow scraper in use.Fig. 1. A 3D printing ice/snow scraper in use. (Reich M.J.; et al., 2019)


CD BioSciences is a trusted 3D printing services company that offers a wide range of 3D printing materials, such as PC materials and PC-based composite materials.

When considering aesthetics, mechanical strength, cost, thermal and chemical stability, PC materials are almost the best choice. The high toughness, heat resistance, electrical insulation, transparency, flame retardant, easy 3D printing, and easy post-processing of PC materials, make them stand out of many 3D printing materials. PC materials have better mechanical properties compared with commonly used 3D printing materials PLA and ABS, can withstand temperatures of more than 100°C, and have transparent characteristics, making them widely used in lighting engineering. PC materials are ideal for parts that need to be exposed to high temperatures and maintain their original strength, toughness and shape. In addition, PC materials can be compatible with a variety of 3D printer models and have a nice application prospect.

CD BioSciences controls strictly the quality of the PC materials provided, and all parameters have passed the standard certification. CD BioSciences also offers PC-based composites, such as PC-ABS, for modifying the properties of materials to meet specific requirements.

  • Density
  • Thermal distortion temperature
  • Tensile strength
  • Bending strength
  • Fracture toughness

Applications of Our PC

PC materials provided by CD BioSciences can be used in wide range of applications.

  • Automotive industries
  • Electronic industries
  • Medical industries
  • Consumer industries

Advantages of Our PC

  • High toughness, impact resistance.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Heat resistant, dimensional stability.
  • Transparent.
  • Flame retardation.
  • Excellent interlayer adhesion.

Choosing the right materials for your application is crucial to achieving the goals. CD BioSciences provides excellent performance PC materials, and the products printed with our PC materials are strong, durable, and have significant economic benefits. If you have any requirements about our PC materials, please contact us.


  1. Reich M.J.; et al. (2019). Mechanical Properties and Applications of Recycled Polycarbonate Particle Material Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing. Materials. 12, 1642.
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