Overview of packaging

Nowadays, packaging is not only to maintain the freshness and quality of products, it also plays an important role in attracting consumers to buy, achieving brand premium, and transmitting environmental protection concepts.

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, more and more companies have begun to apply it to the packaging design process to improve work efficiency and achieve the needs of innovative container appearance and structural design. With the help of 3D printing technology, the model production of packaging can be simplified and the development cycle of packaging containers can be shortened.


CD BioSciences is a world-leading technology company that is committed to providing customers with one-stop 3D printing solutions. CD BioSciences offers several 3D printing technologies for packaging applications, including PolyJet and 3DP technologies that support color printing. In addition, our company offers materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics with a range of properties to meet different application needs and scenarios.


Our company offers technologies and materials that allow your packaging to have a variety of appearance characteristics, from rigid to flexible, from opaque to transparent, from metal to wood textures. Our service eliminates all the obstacles that traditional packaging may bring, and truly lets your packaging design perfectly convey your design concept. Packaging can be designed in any shape and color, making your products unique and stand out on the market.

Before the popularity of 3D printing technology, designers usually made the packaging container model through manual or CNC technology, which are complicated and expensive, greatly affecting the time to market. 3D printing technology uses an all-digital workflow to produce complex full-color 3D packaging in a single print, which can be accompanied by graphics and labels.

Advantages of 3D printing for packaging

  • Improve development efficiency

Through 3D printing, the process of packaging container model making and design verification is greatly simplified and facilitated, allowing the design team to design more packaging containers in terms of time and cost.

  • Design flexibility

With 3D printing, your packaging design is no longer limited by any shape, color and other forms of presentation, inspiring more creative inspiration.

  • Reduce the cost

Compared with the traditional production process, 3D printing is to pile up a small amount of materials layer by layer to form physical objects. Therefore, the time consuming and cost are lower, and the waste produced is much less.

  • Promote the application of utility model patent applications

Our clients can evaluate the structure and functions through 3D printed models at an early stage. After applying for a patent, they can form a technical advantage in the market and expand market share.

Application of 3D printing to packaging

  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics are meant to convey beauty. Under the increasing demand of consumers for the appearance of products, more and more cosmetics manufacturers have begun to use 3D printing technology to design and optimize container packaging.

  • Beverage

Only by meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers can we stand out in fierce market competition. But changing packaging design is costly, especially in the bottled beverage industry. Use 3D printing technology to make prototypes to improve your design speed, reduce costs and increase flexibility.


  • Fast moving consumer goods

The packaging design conveys the brand concept and is the embodiment of the essence of the product. Due to the short packaging cycle of fast consumer goods, the characteristics of this industry determine that the design team must accelerate the development of packaging. 3D printing simplifies the rapid verification process of packaging container designs and shortens the development cycle.

Exquisite and unique packaging containers can bring consumers a pleasant impression and experience, so packaging has long become an important field for manufacturers to win competitiveness. 3D printing is undoubtedly a force that cannot be ignored to improve the efficiency of packaging design. Try impressing your stakeholders with our 3D printing services.

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