Cardiovascular Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu™

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company dedicated to promoting the high resolution 3Dmicroflu™ 3D bioprinting technology platform and high quality customised bioinks that can be applied to 3D printing organ and tissue micro-models. 3Dmicroflu™ can be used for the construction of in vitro cardiovascular disease models, providing printing of complex vascular structures. The 3D bioprinting experts from CD BioSciences are always looking forward to your inquiries and orders.

Cardiovascular disease is characterised by high morbidity, disability, mortality, recurrence and complications. It is a manifestation of systemic vascular pathology in the heart and brain, with the main cause due to abnormal metabolism of smooth muscle cells in the vessel wall. There are four main causative factors of cardiovascular disease as follows.

(1) Vascular factors such as atherosclerosis, hypertensive small arteriosclerosis and arteritis.
(2) Haemodynamic factors such as hypertension.
(3) Hemorheological abnormalities such as hyperlipidaemia and diabetes mellitus.
(4) Blood component factors such as leukaemia, anaemia and thrombocytosis.

Cardiovascular Disease Mechanism Research Based on 3Dmicroflu

Currently, in the face of the increasing number of patients with cardiovascular diseases, the research on the mechanism of cardiovascular diseases and the development of therapeutic drugs are still hot spots to be broken through. Firstly, the construction of cardiovascular disease models is the most important and fundamental issue, which determines the subsequent research of cardiovascular diseases. CD BioSciences is always committed to providing you with in vitro micro-model construction of cardiovascular diseases based on 3Dmicroflu™.

3Dmicroflu™ in the process of research on cardiovascular disease mechanisms

Research into the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease is of great importance for the discovery of new treatments and the development of new drugs. Currently, the models used in basic research on cardiovascular disease are basically mice suffering from cardiovascular disease. These models are relatively easy and quick to establish, but they deviate significantly from the actual human physiological environment. In addition, the trend in disease modelling is increasingly favouring the use of non-animal models instead of animal models, which are more humanitarian. Here CD BioSciences is committed to providing you with a high resolution and high throughput 3D printing technology platform - 3Dmicroflu™. 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can realize high precision printing of complex vascular structures and is therefore extremely suitable for the construction of various types of cardiovascular disease models.

3Dmicroflu for in vitro cardiovascular disease modelling. - CD BioSciences.Fig. 2. 3Dmicroflu™ for in vitro cardiovascular disease modelling.

  • In vitro high-throughput construction of complex cardiovascular disease models
    The team of 3D printing experts from CD BioSciences can offer you a range of services from print cell selection and bioink customisation to cardiovascular model design. Based on 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform, you can build physiologically relevant cardiovascular disease models in high throughput, which can accurately reproduce the detailed features associated with human vascular tissue. Using 3Dmicroflu™ to construct personalised cardiovascular models can help your project replace inadequately translated mouse models and greatly advance your research into the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease.
  • Personalised cardiovascular disease drug screening and customization
    The bioprinted cardiovascular disease models created by the 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform can be built using the patient's own cells, which makes it possible to personalise the relevant drugs. In addition, the flexibility of the 3Dmicroflu™ technology platform facilitates the in vitro construction of various types of cardiovascular disease for drug screening efforts such as drug sensitivity testing and drug resistance testing.

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For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.