Nickel Super Alloy

Introduction of Nickel Super Alloy

At present, metal 3D printing occupies a considerable part of the 3D printing industry. High-temperature alloy (also known as super alloy) is a common metal 3D printing material. Long-term work at high temperatures (above 600℃) can bear a certain stress while also resisting corrosion and antioxidant effects. The super alloy mainly includes three types: nickel, cobalt, and iron-based. Nickel super alloy (nickel-based substrates, generally greater than 50%) occupies the vast majority. As shown in Fig. 1, the researchers used IN718 nickel super alloy material to produce an upgraded fuel injector through 3D printing technology.

Topologically optimized IN718 fuel injectorFig. 1. Topologically optimized IN718 fuel injector (Ramesh Kumar, S.; et al. 2021)


CD BioSciences is a technology company focused on 3D printing services and products, which is continuously committing to 3D printing materials for improving products' performance, material efficiency and sustainability. CD BioSciences can provide customers with a wide range of 3D printing materials with its material experience and professional teams.

Nickel super alloy is one kind highly common material that can be cast into alloy with most other metal alloys. These alloys have high strength at high temperature and still have excellent performance under extreme conditions, such as excellent fatigue performance, fracture toughness and other comprehensive properties. In this respect, the nickel super alloy is irreplaceable. The nickel super alloy materials provided by CD BioSciences are suitable for a variety of types of 3D printers.

Our materials have excellent quality in accordance with industrial requirements. It is an ideal choice for your high temperature and/or high intensity applications to manufacture complex components.

  • Impurities content
  • Flowability
  • Accumulation density
  • Sphericity

Applications of Our Nickel Super Alloy

  • Aerospace industries
  • Petrochemicals industries
  • Power plants
  • Nuclear power systems

Advantages of Our Nickel Super Alloy

3D printing with the nickel super alloy materials offered by CD BioSciences has the following advantages:

  • Long-term organizational stability under high temperature conditions.
  • Antioxidant and anti-thermal corrosion under extreme conditions.
  • Short production cycle and low cost.
  • Functional presets.
  • Create complex parts.

The quality of nickel super alloy product largely depends on the 3D printing materials. CD BioSciences offers a wide range of 3D printing materials, including nickel super alloy, which aims to meet the applications of various high requirements. The parameters of our nickel super alloy materials meet industry standards, and can be applied to different fields. If you have any requirements about our nickel super alloy materials, please contact us.


  1. Ramesh Kumar, S.; et al. (2021) 3D Printing of Fuel Injector in IN718 Alloy for Missile Applications. Trans Indian Natl. Acad. Eng. 6, 1099–1109.
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