With the improvement and popularization of 3D printing technology, as the basic transportation field of various countries, the railway industry has also begun to explore and apply 3D printing. 3D printing technology has great advantages when it comes to speed, flexibility and cost. Many manufacturers around the world have verified the application value of 3D printing in the railway industry, especially in terms of security. It can quickly manufacture parts, reduce major losses and avoid long-term suspension.


CD BioSciences is a trusted technology company that provides a wide range of 3D printing technology solutions and a wide range of material combinations. And we can customize materials according to your specific needs. 3D printing is an innovative railway industry solution that meets market challenges and customer needs. Our technical team has profound professional knowledge of 3D printing and the railway industry as well as extensive service experience. You will get innovative, flexible, and low-cost products and platforms from us, and we will provide you with the best development assistance.


3D printing has different advantages in different industries. For example, in the aerospace and automotive industries, a major reason for using 3D printing is to reduce weight, but for the railway industry, the goal of 3D printing is to replicate and innovate the design of parts. Railway industry manufacturers can avoid unused spare parts through 3D printing to reduce management costs. In addition to the ability to improve profitability in a timely manner, safety will be greatly improved which is crucial for the railway industry.

Application of 3D printing in the railway industry

  • Interior

With 3D printing, realistic textures and complex structural designs can be achieved to support rapid innovation and iteration of parts, thus optimizing the comfort, functionality and driving experience of the interior.

  • End-Use parts

3D printing technology can be applied to the manufacture of railway parts that comply with the latest transport industry regulations, such as track jigs, bearings, connectors, fixtures, etc., to improve the flexibility and efficiency of parts manufacturing. 3D printed cooling channels can improve the efficiency of the radiator system and enhance the durability of the system equipment.

  • Maintenance

Many railway manufacturers are using 3D printing for daily railway maintenance, which allows them to manufacture replacement parts quickly, repair damaged train parts, shorten maintenance cycles, eliminate long-term suspension outages, and improve the availability of railway equipment.

  • Prototype design

By 3D printing prototypes with complex geometric shapes, you can quickly change designs, test and verify product performance, and accelerate the conversion of ideas into end-use parts that meet safety requirements.

Typical applications

Advantages of 3D printing in the railway industry

  • Reduce the cost

Although 3D printing costs more than traditional methods in the short term, for industries such as railways, the cost of long-term future applications must be taken into account. 3D printing uses digital inventory and material utilization is high, and the overall cost is lower.

  • Manufacture on demand

With 3D printing, you can design and manufacture spare parts as needed, without having to prepare a large inventory in order to ensure the operation of the train.

  • Improve security

As we all know, safety and compliance are critical to the railway industry. 3D printing technology can use a variety of high-performance materials to ensure the strength and durability of the parts.

  • Save time

3D printing allows you to test and adjust designs as quickly as possible and produce jigs and fixtures as well as end-use products. Through 3D printing, you can reduce the cycle of product development and application, allowing you to keep innovative in the competition.

Our company provides a wide range of powerful 3D printing technologies, high-quality materials, and a team of experts experienced in the 3D printing and rail industry to support your 3D printing manufacturing. With our 3D printing service, you can quickly manufacture custom parts to easily solve the production problem of the railway industry, improve the flexibility and innovation of overall manufacturing, and meet your sustainable development goals.

3D printing technology has huge potential to meet the individual needs of the railway industry, improve work efficiency, and reduce costs. With the continuous development of technology and changes in market challenges, we have reason to believe that 3D printing technology will bring more innovation and breakthroughs to the railway industry. Whether you want to repair the train or make complex and innovative parts, we will quickly respond to your needs.

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