Heavy Industry

With the increasing demand for lightweight, large-scale, customized, and integrated structural components in many industries, 3D printing shows its unique advantages. The introduction of 3D printing into the heavy industry has led to unprecedented improvements in product development, production processes, inventory management and environmental protection.

Traditional heavy industry manufacturing generally has problems such as cumbersome processes, expensive costs, and serious pollution. The introduction of 3D printing into heavy industry, product development, production processes, inventory management and environmental protection has been unprecedented improvements, and heavy industry production is refreshing.


CD BioSciences is a highly praised 3D printing solution supplier worldwide. Our materials and technologies serve various industries, assisting manufacturers in various fields to realize the intelligent upgrading and transformation of products and enterprises through 3D printing. We have an experienced professional team, and we are committed to helping heavy industry manufacturers maintain the smooth operation of their current operation, and easily create new designs to expand their business.

Heavy Industry

Because the machinery of heavy industry is large and capital intensive, it is expected to have a long service life. This means that parts may need to be replaced in several years, which forces many manufacturers to invent a large number of spare parts into storage, thereby bringing huge resource occupation and inventory costs. The parts used in heavy industry are usually designed and manufactured according to customer needs. Customized equipment and CNC processing programming are required, resulting in a long delivery time and high cost. Instead of investing time and money creating new casting tools, highly customized parts can be produced at low cost through 3D printing.

We provide cost-saving and efficient 3D printing solutions for heavy industry of all production sizes, including materials and technical support. We help manufacturers complete the rapid manufacturing of complex prototypes, on-demand molds, and large-scale parts.

Benefits of 3D printing

3D printing can use difficult-processing materials to quickly produce complex components, while helping heavy industrial companies create new designs. Heavy industrial products usually rely on high-temperature and corrosion materials. We can provide high-intensity and durable materials such as metal and composite fiber materials to meet the needs of heavy industry.

Benefits of 3D printing

  • Prototype manufacturing

In the heavy industry, 3D printing is most commonly used for prototype manufacturing. Digital production has greatly improved the utilization rate of raw materials. On the premise of ensuring product performance, it reduces costs, improves production efficiency, and assists companies in transforming intelligently.

  • Obsolete or discontinued parts

3D printing eliminates the demand for models, making it easy to produce innovative parts, replicate discontinued parts, and find creative solutions to improve workflows.

  • Precision casting

Precision casting has very strict requirements for the details of parts. The traditional process is too dependent on the model, resulting in expensive production costs and lengthy cycles. 3D printing allows precision casting to be displayed in three-dimensional graphics. Even the details can be easily reproduced, so that heavy industry production has been transformed and innovated.

  • Decentralized local production

With 3D printing, parts can be produced in close proximity, and complex and robust parts can be quickly obtained. And 3D printing in a digital manner for product storage and transfer, printing on demand when necessary, greatly saving time and cost.

  • Shorten the product development time
  • Simplify manufacturing processes
  • Optimized structure
  • Custom parts production
  • Highly reliable system
  • Save energy and reduce pollution

3D printing does not need to make molds in advance, does not require the removal of a lot of materials during the manufacturing process, or gets the final product without complicated forging processes. 3D printing can fully realize creative drivers and create products that meet the needs of specific consumers. The 3D printing service we provide helps heavy industry manufacturers to produce custom parts in a more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way, and design products with better performance. We actively respond to your needs and will be your reliable partner, and 3D printing will also become your competitive advantage.

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